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This will be an estimate of your websites cost, we have monthly plans so you can pay it off, starting after the initial payment.

Before worrying about the price ask yourself how much are you expecting to make from your website.


This type of site is for streaming content only you will not be able to sell any other kind of product or service.

Is a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the internet. You can sell Digital Download, Merchandise,  Pay Per Views, and much more.

A production company site is for a company that needs multiple types of galleries including a model gallery with the default video gallery.

A Talent site is for a single model that only really representing themselves. 

There are a basic set of pages that comes with every site. Home, Gallery, Register, Contact, and Member Account.

If you would like me to create the first posts on your website, just pick a set here to let me know the amount you’d like me to do.

If you would like me to create the first products on your website, just pick a set here to let me know the amount you’d like me to do.

Image Slider: A image slide show on your homepage where you will be able to changeout the images as you choose from the admin dashboard.

Event Calendar: To show your members what you have coming up

Booking System: With a booking system you can book anything from skype calls, to your next photoshoot

Calculated Content Form: Similar to the form you are filling out here you can have your members fill out a custom content form with an estimated cost to get the conversation started

Analytics: Displaying your website traffic directly onto your admin dashboard

Google Analytics: If you prefer Googles Analytic system we can connect your site to their analytics dashboard, you can view your traffic on your google analytics dashboard.

Automated Shipping Calculator: Click Here For More Information

Dynamic Pricing: Click Here For More Information

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Google Analytics Pro: Click Here For More Information

Customize Email Design: Click Here For More Information

Pay Per View: Click Here For More Information

Each website comes with a contact form page, but you may need more forms pages for different types of forms for more specific reasons. 

Connection to twitter; auto tweet when new post is published, when someone joins, and when someone purchases one of your products. $20 monthly

Email marketing connected to website. Mailpoet will let you send email notifications when a new product/post is made automatically.

Other Expenses To Consider













Streaming Protection

For every website I make I give you the instructions on how to setup and create your own protected streaming videos so that you can stream your content without having to worry about it being downloaded. For those who aren’t good with computers or don’t have the time to do it I offer a service to do it for you this way you can just send it to me and go about your day and I will either upload it to your site or send it back.

We have a way to keep your content from being downloaded from multiple methods that other companies leave them selves open to.

Methods to try:
1. Right click on the video then click save video as.

2.Browser Download Extension Chrome, Firefox

99.99% of people take content by right clicking and downloading it, to prevent this we use “No right click” so there is no right clicking the website on the front end. Then from there they go into inspect which can be reached a number of ways, to make it easy for you right click go to “inspect” on the bottom of the  popup and the inspect window will popup. There will be an arrow to the top left of that window, click it and then click the video above here. You will see a URL double click it so it is highlighted right click it and then go to “Go to {url link}”  normally a video would popup and you could right click it and download it. But when you see blob in front a video you normally can’t download it. There are methods online on how to do it, I have found a few that actually work but they don’t work with the method I have for you when you purchase a website from me. The method I have for you is more manual rather then your site/server doing it for you so this might be why.