Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – you need three things to have a functioning website: a domain name, web hosting, and site files. You can think of your domain as your street address, your web host as the space you rent to have your business in, and your site files as the items in your office. Your web host provides the server where your site files (including blog posts, images, landing pages, and more) live so they can be accessed at

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a secure, isolated private cloud hosted within a public cloud. VPC customers can run code, store data, host websites, and do anything else they could do in an ordinary private cloud, but the private cloud is hosted remotely by a public cloud provider.

Dedicated hosting is an Internet hosting option in which a physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business customer. The customer has complete control over the machine, so they can optimize it for their unique requirements, including performance and security.

Definitely. All companies offer a FREE site transfers for new accounts. They’re committed to making web hosting easy and stress-free!

Managed Hosting

I recommend these companies for hosting when starting out, I also use them for hosting my own websites. I’m also offering a managed hosting service to take care of all your hosting needs for you. 

If you choose to host with another company directly rather through ours, when contacted to assist with your hosting problems you will be charged at hourly to fix the problem. We offer a managed hosting service to make sure that those prices don’t ever get to high, for only $50 a month. We will purchase the plan with the payment received, so effectively you’re only paying $50 and receiving both hosting and managed hosting. 

Hosting Management

$50 Mo.

What We Do:

Management  & Maintenance

When picking a company to work with you want to make sure you get a bang for your buck, so we are offering a lot for your bucks. Depending on which plan you get you will get more for your money but starting out we are giving you a lot to make sure your 

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