Payment Gateways


Authorize.Net is one of the oldest and most popular payment gateway providers for eCommerce. Established in 1996, Authorize.Net was acquired by CyberSource in 2007, and CyberSource was in turn acquired by Visa in 2010. The company has provided payment gateway services to over 400,000 merchants since inception. Visa & Master Card Fees $1,000 for credit card signup 5%-10% transactions.

Accepted Types of payments

Visa  MasterCard  Discover  American Express  JCB  Visa Checkout  Apple Pay  E-check

Their Plans For Adult Business

All-in-One Option

If you don’t have a merchant account (to ensure you get paid), select this option. We can set you up with both a merchant account and a payment gateway. 

Payment Gateway Only

If you already have a merchant account, sign up for this plan. (You must have a merchant account to connect to the Authorize.Net platform):

Enterprise Solutions

Get in touch for details if you process more than $500K per year. 
We offer:

Crypto Payments

Using you will be able to accept many  crypto currencies. If you use only Cryptocurrency you won’t need to use Visa or MasterCard as a payment processor. So you won’t be limited to their demands on what you are allowed to make. So as long as it is legal in your state/area and falls into what NOWPayments and the hosting companies allow then you will be able to create anything you’d like.  Con of using only Cryptocurrency is that not everyone has it or is willing to get it to purchase content because the fees can be high. 

Accepted Types of Crypto

Bitcoin  Ethereum  Litecoin  Dogecoin  Ripple  Shiba Inu  And Others

Their Fees

Transaction fee
0-49 BTC/month
50 BTC/month
100 BTC/month
200 BTC/month
Special offer, contact us for details

Exchange fee: If the currency that you accept is the same as the one your customers pay in, we don’t charge anything but the transaction fee. Sometimes these currencies are different: say, your client pays you in ETH while you want to accept BTC. In this case, we automatically swap one crypto to another. For doing this, our exchange service provider ChangeNOW charges an extra 0.5%, which is the exchange fee. So, in the case of a transaction with the crypto swap included, the overall fee is up to 1%.

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