Webcam Model

You started out on your own already, just using others platforms now it’s time to step up and build your own to collect more of the profit.

Is Web camming a good career path?

First thing first, yes we believe this is a good career path for any individual who is 18 or older and wants to start out on their own in the comforts of their own home or wherever you may be. This is a good entry point into the adult industry as well starting out here gathering fans and then branching out to other companies and even building your own. Here you can find a list of places to join and get yourself out there so other companies can find you. Adult Companies (link to porn companies), Cam Sites (link to webcam sites)

We're here for you

When life is hectic, and it’s feeling like everything seems to be happening all at once we are here to help make everything better. If you are having a hard time expanding, growing your fans, keeping everything in order, finding equipment or new things to do. You are in the right place, we are gathering information all the time to help our clients with anything they may need. Our goal is to make sure you are making a profit and give a lot of information and do our best to help our clients and those trying to enhance their lives.

Why branch out for yourself?

    You are already an entrepreneur working hard to get the money you are making now and with a onetime investment on yourself with a website you will make more of a profit from it then using others who are charging you a large percent of what you put your time and effort into making.  

    The “free” use platforms are taking their cut right off the top of everything you make, so with the graphs below as an example, if you’ve made $100K in one year you’re walking away with $60 -$70 thousand that year. Why lose out on all that profit, the more you make the more you’re making someone else.

    You are in this business working for yourself why make other people their money when you could only pay for what you need to pay for and pocket the rest?

    You’ve already learned to save up and get new and better equipment you can find more here if you aren’t sure what is good and what isn’t or just want to up your content creating game, now just save up and get yourself a website to send your fans to and start bringing that money directly to you and not someone else. Using those other platforms you are even advertising for other model because your fans are finding other products and spending their money on them and not you. So why not make a membership website for yourself and capitalist on it? 

    Have a shop so they can buy things from you sell your shapchat, your number so they can call and text your, your Skype sessions, calendars, poloroids pictures, your socks and panties all from one place. Your website. 

    Just like any other business you will need to advertise, tell the world your business is out there among the sea of adult porn sites and other adult content. By posting your content for free on websites at first will help get your stuff out there, make sure to have it all leading back to where your potential customers can find more of your content. 

    These are all things we can and will help you with, you already have the ball rolling because you’re putting yourself out there and building your fan list. Why not use us to help you reach more potential fans while you take care of the ones you already have. By placing your content all across the web for you and sending all the potential fans and customers to your webcam or your website, it is like you have your very own advertising agency just at a fraction of the actual cost of it so you can focus on creating content and spending time with your loving and adoring fans. 

    Our goal is to bring in more money for you so we will get more from advertising your content more often and at more locations. See we are being honest here, we have an agenda that is to get paid and for us to get paid we have to get you paid because a one time payment isn’t enough for us we want more and for that monthly payment to increase so we will do our best for you to get more out of you. 

Annual Expenses

Domain name, SSL Certification, Taxes, Design updates (optional)

Monthly Expenses

Hosting, Security, Backups, Maintance, Storage, Marketing (optional)

Check out our work

These are just examples of how your website can look. We are building more everyday to show more of what it can do and other ways they can look.